Thursday, February 12, 2009

What a wicked day!

To be honest today was probably one of the best days i have had since i got here.
Everything seems to have just been brill.

It started off with the usual issue of getting up which seems to be getting harder and harder the longer this week in particular goes on. But with breakfast and all that rubbish out the way it was awesome.

We started off our lesson this morning with a lesson! We had to take our class in pars and teach them something - scary. Somehow me and Rich did manage it although i did cock up slightly - i suspect more practice at this needed and will come tomoz.
After this though we went off skiing and practiced our free skiing which was lot more fun and we made good use of the powder - some of the runs were superb. I also feel i am really starting to improve particularly off piste and in the bumps.

After yet another lunch at Kelsey's we hit the slopes again for an afternoon of free skiing. We started off by hiking from the top of Bear chair to the top of Facelift, which is an absolutely knackering 330ft vertical - rents i will show you when you come!
From here we hit some beautiful powder and had a wicked afternoon skiing bumps powder and anything else the mountain could through at us.

On return home it was an early dinner as we had a social to attend just over the road in the form of curling. Its so cool - i want a curling club in Jersey! Its so hard to do but when you get it right its so competitive and fun that i want another go. We had a great evening and i would class it as a rousing success although what some of the others got up to was interesting!

I have included a little movie from when we were mucking around at the beginning for your enjoyment.

Here's a couple of pic's while i think of it from the facelift earlier today, and one of the curling rinks.